Silver Hawk BR series HEC

Compared with other similar products, Silver Hawk BR series HEC has high cutting uniformity deep processing level and bio-stability and low grit residue (impurity) and sugar content. With the hydration treatment, Silver Hawk BR series HEC can be dissolved completely in the water, which introduces following advantages such as no thickening efficiency loss, less filter operation, higher transparency and better paint film fineness.

Grade Choice for HEC BR series: BR150H/BR150L, BR300H/BR300L, BR4400H/BR4400L, BR15000H/BR15000L, BR30000H/BR30000H55/BR30000L, BR52000H/BR52000L, BR100000H/BR100000H55/BR100000L.


EVERLAST is a newly-launched hydroxyethyl cellulose which can help paint manufacturers to enhance production flexibility and quality control. Different from others, EVERLAST can be added in any paint of production stage in dry form. So there’s no need for paint manufacturers to prepare HEC solution or pre-slurry. As a result, using EVERLAST can lower production cost, increase production efficiency, simplify production process and enhance product quality.

Grade Choice for HEC EVERLAST series:  EVERLAST BR30000HS, EVERLAST BR52000HS, EVERLAST BR100000HS

Silver Hawk OF series HEC

OF series are new types HEC specially designed for oilfield application by Silver Hawk and they are perfect choices for filtration loss and thickening. OF series can be used as a viscosifier in mud processing and filling jobs, and help provide excellent low solid mud with minimum wellbore damage. Meanwhile, OF series also apply to the development of shale gas as gel additive. Additive proportion is small in fracturing fluid, less than 1% of the total amount, but it is especially important to increase the production of the shale gas well.

Grade Choice for OF100M, OF150M, OF300M, OF150KM, OF30KM, OF100KM, OF3HM

Silver Hawk HMHEC

HM 330

HM 330 is a hydrophobic modified HEC which has both excellent anti-splashing property and all advantages possessed by Silver Hawk BR series HEC.


HM 3KB is an associative thickener with high bio-stability. It combines water phase thickening and associative thickening and can be used in almost all emulsion systems. Besides outstanding liquidity, levelling and anti-splashing property, it also has excellent color acceptance and high thickening efficiency.

HM 10K

HM 10K is highly efficient hydrophobic modified hydroxyethyl cellulose which can guarantee excellent performance in construction and coating. Its excellent splatter resistance benefits from connection of hydrophobic group into polymer.


Silver Hawk CR series

CR series is a nonionic high-molecular polymer which has low toxicity and excellent water-retaining property resulting in unparallel performance for raw construction materials. It can be very stable in high temperature conditions. And it can be used widely in water-based paint, paint remover, masonry mortar, self-levelling flooring, joint sealing material, adhesive for tile, cement-based mortar and gypsum products.

Grade Choice for MHEC series: CR600, CR2000, CR6000, CR10000NP, CR40000NGL, CR100000, CR150000, CR200000

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