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Silver Hawk BR series common HEC

Compared with other similar products, Silver Hawk BR series HEC has high cutting uniformity deep processing level and bio-stability and low grit residue (impurity) and sugar content

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EVERLAST is a newly-launched hydroxyethyl cellulose which can help paint manufacturers to enhance production flexibility and quality control.

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Silver Hawk OF series HEC

OF series are new types HEC specially designed for oilfield and shale gas application by Silver Hawk and they are perfect choices for filtration loss and thickening.

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Silver Hawk HMHEC

HM 330 is a hydrophobic modified HEC which has both excellent anti-splashing property and all advantages possessed by Silver Hawk BR series HEC. 

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Silver Hawk PC series HEC

PC series HEC is used for personal care, cosmetics and household care.

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Silver Hawk CR series 

CR series is a nonionic high-molecular polymer which has low toxicity and excellent water-retaining property resulting in unparallel performance for raw construction materials.

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Leveling agent: AT300

Leveling agent: At300 polyurethane leveling agent is a liquid product with convenient operation.

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